Scottish Woods - Castle McKenzie
Building Lots Information & Description





Scottish Woods is virtually surrounded by mountains, allowing distant mountain views from nearly any lot. All lots are heavily wooded with oak, pine, and ornamentals like Holly, Flame Azalea, Dogwoods, and Mountain Laurels. Blackberries are abundant. Underground electric service, telephone and water are either at the lot already, or are a very short distance from the main trunk, and all are readily available. Gravel roads are in, and required 911-signage is in place. Access is off of Moccasin Creek Road, to Scottish Woods Way, through the wooden gate to McKenzie Lane, past the horse paddocks, barns, and vineyard. Then bear right up through the metal gates to the lots and to Castle McKenzie.






    Lot #          Acreage          Street Name                                   Lot Description

    #07 -             0.87              Scottish Woods Way           Gorgeous corner lot with potential mountain views 
                                             or Thistle Court.                   and offering a gentle south-western slope.

    #08 -             0.95              Thistle Court                        End of court cul-de-sac lot. Slightly sloping. Very
                                                                                       private with fantastic sunset views.

    #09 -             0.95              Castle Court or                    Gently sloping lot with small stream at rear.
                                             Thistle Court

    #15 -             1.14              Castle Court                        Beautiful mountain and meadow views, with a small
                                                                                      stream bordering the lower meadow.

    #16 -             1.14              Scottish Woods Way          Corner lot with mountain and lower meadow views
                                            or Castle Court                    with a small stream bordering the lower meadow.

    #17 -               .95             Scottish Woods Way           Beautiful mountain and lower meadow views with a
                                                                                      small stream bordering the lower meadow.
    The six lots total 6.0 acres.

Lot #9 is on the left of the road, the castle ahead.       View from Lot #16 prior to any clearing.                   View from Lot #17 prior to any clearing.
              Autumn in Scottish Woods.                       Road from castle to gate. (Lot 16 left, Lot 7 right)    Lot 7 left, Lot 17 right, just inside gated entrance.

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