Guest Comments

Steve and Judy Johnson, Jamestown, NY: 
And it came to pass that in the year of our Lord 2003, John & Lorraine said unto us, "we shall build a great castle filled with all manner of things Scottish.  And it shall be called McKenzie Castle.  And you shall abide in it if you can afford it."  And so a year passed, and we returned.  But it was not to be, and we could only cast our eyes upon the unfinished castle from a humble cabin far below.  And we didn't cut our hair and rend our raiments in our dispair.  And the coos and the wee horses didst share in our lamentations.  And we were further distressed to learn that John wouldst sell his lands and we were vexed.  And we said unto John, "if thou shalt forsake this land, we may return not."  And John spake, "verily I shall complete this task and thou shalt have a castle to abide in."  And John began to pile stone upon stone, didst suffer a heart attack, but let it bug him not.  And when his labors were finished, John looked upon his work and saw that it was good, and didst say, "whew."  And we looked upon the work of John and Lorraine and didst avert our eyes in awe.  And Maggie sayeth unto us, "woof."  And after seven days we journeyed back to our home in thew far north, mayhap to return to these hills again....

I can't believe the week is over!  As usual, we had a wonderful time.  You've done a wonderful job with the castle - wow!!!  We can't wait to see what comes next.  Thanks for everything, especially the friendly ghost that turned the light on and off!!!  

Dave and Shannon Byers, Norcross, GA:
Wow - the previous comments are a tough act to follow! 
We have looked forward to the possibility of honeymooning here since we set our wedding date last November.  The idea of staying in a castle after our Renaissance Wedding was just too cool!  Everything you have done so far is perfect (we REALLY like  the bed).  With the exception of having a cold the first few days, its the best week we've had!  We loved being greeted by the ghost on the turret after a very long wedding day!  The weather was perfect the entire week and it was such a treat to sit outside and see all the stars, (something we can't really do in Atlanta), and to watch the leaves change day by day.  We can't wait to see the continued progress!  Thank you for giving us the "Scotland Castle" honeymoon we always wanted, without the dreary plane ride!

OR PHONE: 828-557-1999

Matt and Pamela Jones, Rockmart, GA.:
This place is simply amazing!  Our stay was great.  We were amazed at having a chance to be in the hot tub in snow.  The place is beautiful.  Sitting in the hot tub, watching the stars and it hits you...."I'm in a CASTLE!!!"  Thanks guys, this place was great!

John and Joy Scott, Acworth, GA:
"Gone With the Wind" was on when I wrote this.  Joy and I always tell people that we are "running away" for Thanksgiving weekend when we come up here.  They are envious that we can do that.  I don't know what they would say if they saw this wonderful castle!  John and Lorraine, you really have made a special place!

Vance and Kim Elderkin, Chapel Hill, NC:
A fine castle she be.  I came here with my fair maiden and had a fine stay, despite having to smite the rubber duckies in the hot tub.  Everything we needed was here.  The unseasonable warm weather made it nice to be outside in the hot tub or just checking out the scenery.  The inside was comfortable and roomy, appliances top-flight, and the no-backache bed was much appreciated!  Can't wait to see the lower floor when it is done.  We love it here!

Joe and Monica, Demarest GA:
Upon the anniversary of myself and my bonnie lass, we came upon a castle.  We stayed two wonderful nights in which I ruled over the lands of the Carolinas of the North, which is actually to the left of the Carolinas of the South.  I ruled the land with a gauntlet of steel as I cooked and tended to my maidens every need, giving a prompt... "yes, dear" after every sentence.  My precious and I decided to quest for which room we wanted to stay in.  Green?  Purple....ahhhh!  We soaked in the hot waters of the bubbling pond as we gazed into the moonlit sky.  And I relaxed in a heaven known as Jacuzzi.  We really enjoyed our stay and wept as we left, proclaiming someday we shall return.  After all, this is true doesn't happen everyday.  Thanks for everything!

Steve and Judy Johnson, Jamestown, NY:
Well, here we are for the 8th year!!!  I don't know why we keep coming back because we really hate this place.  At least this time we didn't have to use a porta-potty out by the front door and the lights worked most of the time.  Pretty much.  Anyway, we got the fire on the porch put out before the fire trucks got here and you can hardly see the scorch marks on the roof beams.  Who knew you couldn't drain the hot tub and use it as a fire pit?  You live and learn!  Last Wednesday I was playing my pipes and I played the high "G" note.  It made a terrible screech.  When I got through playing I noticed several chipmunks and other small mammals laying stunned on the  ground below---their little feet twitching.  After a few minutes they recovered and wobbled away.  Some people just don't appreciate a good skirl on the pipes.  Thank you for another wonderful vacation!!!

Chris & Misty Johnson, Zanesville, OH:
We really enjoyed our stay here.  It is a very romantic and secluded location and the castle itself is beautiful!  Not too big but not too small (:-).  And the hot tub on the terrace was the icing on the cake!  Thank you for making our honeymoon unique and special. 

Jennifer & Lee Cannon, Irmo, SC:
WOW!  What a unique idea for a romantic get-a-way!  It was to my surprise that Lord Lee bring his Lady Jennifer to such a romantic honeymoon destination.  Every detail of this castle that Sir John has built, with his own hands, is amazing...truely amazing.  We so grateful for the opportunity to stay in such a wonderful, unique place.  We enjoyed everything about this castle...Lord Lee enjoyed the King size bed that left his back feeling great the next morning and I enjoyed the late night dips in the hot tub!  We're sad to leave this awesome castle, but look forward to our next visit and to see all the new things Sir John and Lady Lorraine have in store.  You guys are so wonderful!  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of all this!  We can't wait to see what you do with the downstairs!

These are just a few of the guest comments left by visitors to the castle over the last couple of years.  We thought that you might enjoy reading them, and that they might give you a "feel" for the place, from those who have actually spent time living in the castle.  The Johnsons have been here for a week every year since we first developed Scottish Woods in 1999!  Obviously, we've made many friends.