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Castle McKenzie at Tulach Ard

Why would someone want to own a castle in the Smoky Mountains of Murphy, NC? 

Whether you just want a place in the mountains to get away to... or a new lifestyle fit for a king and queen... THIS IS IT!   Are you happy settling for common hotel rooms... with their crowds and paper-thin walls?  Why compromise your privacy... sharing your time and each other with guests of a bed & breakfast? 

Why settle for a cabin or cottage in the mountains? When you can have your own intimate, luxurious castle suite to share with that special someone? And there are no other guests in the castle to share anything with! This can be a perfect getaway... or a new life style fit for a King or Queen... even if only for a couple of days! Make her your Princess every day. Make him your Prince always. Rent or own a share in the private and luxurious Castle McKenzie at Tulach Ard - the "high ground" of Scottish Woods in Murphy, NC.  You'll love soaking in your totally private, outdoor hot tub atop the castle turret.  Light a few candles.  Cuddle in front of the fireplace. Maybe "pop" a bottle of Champagne or share a good bottle of Cabernet. 

EMAIL OR PHONE: 828-557-1999

Your gated entry guarantees privacy and protection from the outside world-- yet you're only 12 miles from a Super WalMart. Murphy, NC and Blairsville, GA offer stores, pharmacies, restaurants, antique stores, and other attractions to see and do. They are less than ten minutes away. And on weekends, Murphy's giant flea market is open. It's less than 5 minutes away on the road into Murphy. 

A change of plans... Our original plan was to build the main addition onto the castle to live in permanently, and continue renting the Guest Suite to honeymooners, vacationers, etc. It was to be a source of retirement income. But alas, circumstances and family interests prevent us from completing the castle as our final home. Our kids aren't interested in it very much, as they have their own lives and obligations up in Bucks County, PA. We considered selling the property outright-- but with all of the blood and sweat spent building it, there would be real tears spent at the thought of losing our legacy totally. So we've come up with a way that allows us to share the castle with those who love castles, the mountains, and the ambiance of Castle McKenzie as much as we do.

See the drawing below and plans on the "Castle Addition" page of this website.

If you would like additional information about the 4.57 acre Castle property and the adjoining six building lots that add another 6.0 acres to the Castle estate, continue reading. We have set this website up to act our our property brochure as well as the castle rental website. Should you have any suggestions or changes after touring our site, please let us know about them. Please email CastleMcKenzie@brmemc.net or phone 828-557-1999 with suggestions or questions you have. 

The Castle property consists of 4.57 acres, plus there is six additional one-acre+/- lots within the gates.  and has a modest Scottish-style Castle and a detached two-car Carriage Barn on it. The castle property is made up of what were five individual building lots with fantastic mountain views. The view from the castle is beautiful, and you can see only one house on top of the mountain from the terrace or turret... other than that there is just the beautiful mountains, woods, and nature.

After going through the gated entrance, there is a fairly long road that leads through the woods to the circular road that surrounds the castle and the pasture in front of it. It is appropriately named Castle Court. The parcel is bordered on one side by a small stream down through the woods. The parcel certainly lends itself to being a gated estate property. As it stands, it is wonderfully private. We had often dreamed about developing the property into a small Scottish or English crofters cottage "village" to keep with the theme. There is a low stone wall along the road that leads to the castle, and plantings of azalea, mums, and ground cover. A thick forest surrounds the castle grounds, road and driveway.

The original plan was for the existing part of the castle to be the guest wing, once the larger owner's addition was built. (See drawings). It could then be used as a high-end vacation rental when not being used by the owners, and could offer a steady cash stream for retirement. The plan was to have the property go into a Trust for the grandkids, with a family member managing the property. After discussions with our children, we know it is not feasible now. So, we will share it with others who can appreciate it.

What Does the Guest Suite Rental Include?
The castle rental suite has two bedrooms, two full baths, a kitchen, dining area, and living room. The living room and the two bedrooms open onto a full-length stone terrace through French doors. There is a hot tub in the covered turret on that level as well.  There is a gas fireplace, covered in castle stone in the living room, and ten-foot high ceilings throughout the castle. The extensive use of wood and stone on the interior, as well as the stone on the exterior, convey a true castle atmosphere. The use of copper fixtures throughout the castle also add to the ambiance. There is a Jacuzzi tub that looks out to the forest in the Master Bath, as well as a stall shower. The six-person hot tub is already in place on the covered turret at the Master Bedroom end of the large stone terrace. There are stairs in the living room that lead down to the large lower level, which is not currently part of the rental suite. A pair of French doors at the bottom of the stairs in the lower entry lead you to the drawbridge that crosses the moat outside for access to the lower stone patio and gardens. Again, at present, this level is not accessible from or included with the rental suite.

More About the Castle Infastructure:
Hand-made stone is used on the terrace, and the stone that covers much of the castle was also hand-made with molds from our company, Olde World Stone & Tile Molds, Inc. Much of the woodwork and wood trim are made from the native trees that were taken down to build the castle. The 300+ foot deep well provides over 20 gallons of water per minute and a special constant pressure water pump system was installed that cost over $3,000.00 for a future geo-thermal system addition. A state-of-the-art "Infiltrator" septic and eco-friendly drainage system was installed that will service five-plus bedrooms, in anticipation of the planned castle addition. The angled castle roof lends itself to future solar power options, while being hidden behind the crenelated walls. 

The heart-shaped "BRAVEHEART" Pond is poured concrete and is filled with goldfish, koi, and other species of fish. It measures 50 feet long, by 40 feet wide at the widest points, and is about 4-5 feet deep in the middle. Planned gardens will soon surround the pond and currently feature raised flowerbeds and sitting areas. Natural stone will be used shortly to cover most concrete surfaces.

The detached 24'x36' Carriage Barn had been used for our manufacturing business, but can now easily accommodate two cars plus a generous work area. It has 220 electric service to provide for high-powered woodworking equipment or other high-draw uses. The entire wood exterior siding, as well as the carriage doors and personnel door were hand cut and hand made with wood from the trees that were cut down on site.  

< Existing Carriage
   Barn stands here.

Drawing of completed Castle McKenzie with addition

View from turret in the Spring

View from turret in the Winter

Lower entrance over drawbridge & moat