Tribute to our best friend... 
"Maggie McKenzie of the Woods"

Formally AKC registered as "Maggie McKenzie of the Woods", but everyone who stayed at Scottish Woods knew her simply as "Maggie" or "Maggie Pie". She brought happiness and laughter to everyone who came in contact with her. She never chewed things that weren't hers, jumped on furniture, or made "mistakes" once she learned the rules. 

She was always mannerly and well behaved. She wouldn't jump up on people unless invited to. But she would certainly give you a kiss on the cheek, nose, mouth, ears, or whatever was exposed and available, if you put your head down close to her face and said "gimme a kiss".

She loved the pond at Scottish Woods, especially in the summertime when she'd dive in after rocks to fetch them back from the bottom. But interestingly, she wouldn't go in our pool in Florida... even when coaxed and asked to. Says something about chlorine I guess.

You could leave anything in front of her without fear of her grabbing and eating it. We once left two steaks on the table as we greeted new arriving guests. On the way back from their cabin, it dawned on us, and we were then planning on what else we were going to have for dinner that night since the steaks would probably be gone. She didn't (and never would) touch food or anything else that wasn't hers until given permission. We were so impressed that we shared our steaks with her that night. 

She loved when we had a Ceilidh as everyone would sneak her bits of the goodies being served. Basically, a ceilidh is a social gathering with traditional Scottish music, food, dancing, etc. We always had ours around a big bonfire and invited our guests and the local bagpipers.  

She loved to chase the horses, rabbits, birds, squirrels, and just about anything in the forest that moved. She'd even have a go at my riding mower when I was cutting the fields. She only messed up one time... when she came face to "you know what" with a skunk. Poor Maggie came running home foaming at the mouth and scaring the hell out of us. The Vet said to give her Pepto Bismal and wash her in ketchup and she'd be fine. She never chased skunks... or stray black and white cats again.

She loved riding on our golf cart around Scottish Woods... especially as she got older and started to know the meaning of "tired".

She was our 24-hour-a-day companion for the six years we developed and ran Scottish Woods Resort, and for the remaining years after that, no matter what we were doing.

She even helped dig the moat for Castle McKenzie and Braveheart Pond (not really, but she was there). She'd be by our side brightening our days always. Whether I was cutting trees, chopping wood, building fences, or erecting stone walls, you name it... she was there with us.  

I hope to write a book someday about Maggie's adventures at Scottish Woods, in hopes of sharing the pure and unending laughter, joy, and happiness she gave us-- just by being our friend and companion.

She was our girl for thirteen and a half years-- a long life for a Chocolate Lab. But even that was much too short a time for us.  

June 22, 1999 - November 16, 2012

Maggie as a puppy - Her first and only time in the dog house

Her Miniature Horse buddy, Charlie

She loved our Scottish Ceilidhs

Visiting the LaBeff's Cabin

Helping Lorraine feed the horses
She loved the pond in the meadow

She always protected her rubber ducky

She'd make short work of any bone

Near the end, she was finally tired.

Always attentive and ready to go

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