Castle McKenzie... Exterior and Landscaping Progress... 2007-2008

Below is a photo tour of the progress made through 2008 to complete the grounds and exterior of the castle. To describe all of the work would take more space on the website than makes sense to do. Suffice to say that the photos presented are representative of the work completed. They will be updated on a regular basis. 

As for lower level work being done, we have set up a photo page for that. As work progresses, we will have represenatative photos to offer. As of this writing, the remainder of the floor is being tiled. The main room has been tiled. The theatre and the "extra" room, will be carpeted when all construction work is completed. The Home Theatre is pretty much finished except for the carpeting. Much of the woodwork has been completed throughout the lower level, but finishing and cleanup is still in progress.

If you are interested in purchasing the castle, or any of our other properties, please request additional information on our Information Request Form.  It will allow us to keep you informed on progress via email. And check back at this website as well.

Approach to Castle (Autumn)

New landscaping in front of lower terrace

Stone wall fountain added to front of castle

Maggie helping to dig moat

Tons of stone laid for lower terrace and moat

View from inside of gatehouse entrance

The Laird digging Braveheart Pond

Braveheart Pond dug and ready for rebar

Ready for the concrete pouring and shaping

The beginnings of Braveheart Pond Garden

Retaining wall for terrace area completed

View of Braveheart Pond from castle turret

View of the beginnings of terrace gardens

Path around turret to future terrace gardens

View from turret of stone terrace and gardens

Autumn mountain view from turret hot tub

Upper terrace view "from" turret hot tub

Upper terrace view "to" turret hot tub

The conical roof soars about 20 feet above the hot tub area affording a very open and airy, yet protected atmosphere.

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